Shru Coin Frequently Asked Questions

Shru Coin Buy Support

Please find the answer to your question in our FAQ below. If you are unable to find it, you can send a request to our support team by submitting the form.

How do I buy SHRUCOIN on your website?

First you will need to sign up for an SHRUCOIN account which you can sign up here.

Is there a fee for signing up?

No, it is completely free to register for an SHRUCOIN account.

How can I pay for cryptocurrencies?

You can buy cryptocurrencies using your credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Why does my credit card need to support 3D-Secure?

We are only able to accept Visa and Mastercard’s that are 3D-Secure (3DS).  Unfortunately if your credit card is not 3DS enrolled, you will have to contact your card provider.

3DS is an authentication step that helps prevent fraud when you make online card purchases. MasterCard may refer to 3DS as  “MasterCard SecureCode” and Visa as “Verified by Visa”.

What are the purchase limits?

The Maximum limit per transaction is $1,500 USD.  Maximum Daily purchase allowed is $1,500 USD and Weekly (rolling 7 days back) limit is $3,000 USD.

Why am I seeing message  "Your account is currently under review, please contact the customer support at [email protected]"

This occurs with multiple failed payment attempts, in which the processor puts the account on hold. In order to reactivate your account please provide us with proof of card ownership:

  1. Proof of the card ownership - (Such as a recent statement with your name)
  2. Last 4 digits of your credit card and name of the bank
  3. A selfie with your passport/document ID.

This can be sent to us at [email protected] or directly to the processor at [email protected]

Why I did not receive the amount quoted on checkout?

Amount shown on checkout is an estimate.  You may receive a slightly less or more, as a result of fluctuating prices between order time and final confirmation of your payment.

Can I send Shrucoin to an exchange wallet?

No, do not send SHRUCOIN to an exchange deposit address.  You will lose them.  You require a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. If you are unsure about your wallet, do not send Shrucoin to your wallet.

Can I use Coinbase wallet?

Coinbase wallet FAQ available at  Coinbase wallet supports all erc-20 tokens.
Coinbase exchange deposits address do not support SHRUCOIN.

Which ERC-20 tokens wallet should I use that supports SHRUCOIN ?

There are many free erc-20 compatible wallets to choose from.  You can also use popular hardware wallets such as the Nano S /Nano X and Trezor.  Popular free wallets include,, Atomic Wallet , metamask and trust wallet.  You can find a larger listing at

Why was my account not approved and verified?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept clients in certain states in the USA and select countries.  If you have verified in a country or state that we are unable to service, you will receive an email
notifying you after you complete the verification process.

Where am I able to sell my SHRUCOIN?

To learn more about the SHRUCOIN, please visit About SHRUCOIN.

"Notice: We are currently not processing U.S credit cards. Sorry for any inconvenience"